・ To protect the patient and the professional
・ To prevent microbes from getting attached to hands and spreading infection via hands
・ To protect the hands from
-Occupational accidents
-Cleansing agents
-Stick injuries
・ Medical gloves are always single-use
・ They are used per procedure and per patient
・ Depending on the situation either sterile or factory clean gloves are used
・ Disposable gloves are neither washed nor disinfected
・ Medical gloves are donned onto dean, dry hands
・ Hands are disinfected just prior to donning
・ After disinfection hands must be allowed to dry before donning
・ Hands may get contaminated when undonning the gloves, therefore hands must be disinfected also immediately after undonning
・ In all cases involving contaminating materials attention must be paid to correct undonning
・ The outer surface of the glove must not get into contact with skin
・ When necessary double donning can be applied -> decreased risk of skin contamination while undonning
(e.g. when handling cytostatics)
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